250KW sound proof natural gas generator

Short Description:

● Fuel gas: natural gas, biogas, biomass gas
● Clean energy and friendly to the environment
● Low procurement and running costs;
● Easy maintenance and easy access to spares
● Fast maintenance and overhaul service
● Different options to meet your requirements:
1. Soundproof system
2. Heat recovery

Product Detail

1. Product introduction

Sichuan Rongteng automation equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in the R&D, design and production of natural gas generator. The power of single unit is 250KW, and the combined power can realize 500KW ~ 16MW.

Rongteng’s Gas generator set is widely used in LNG skid mounted liquefaction plant, rig gasification, single power generation (well gas recovery), gas power station and other projects.


LNG liquefaction plant
● CNG filling station
● Oil and gas field drilling
● Mine exploitation
● Power generation for industry park and residential areas
Here, we introduce the 250 KW unit in detail.
250kw gas powergenerator

2. Function introduction

2.1 Unit features

● The gas generator set is suitable for operation in a range of multiple environmental conditions, and its economic performance is better than that of the existing diesel engine; The unit can quickly respond to load changes and deal with more complex conditions.
● The gas generator unit adopts the integrated partition box design, the box can meet the operation of multiple environmental conditions, and has the functions of rain proof, sand dust proof, mosquito proof, noise reduction, etc. The box body is designed and produced with special structure and materials of high strength container.
● The shape of gas generator box meets the national transportation standard.

2.2 Unit cooling

● The cooling system of the gas generator set adopts the fully independent heat dissipation design, that is, the single intercooling heat dissipation system and the cylinder liner heat dissipation system operate independently, so as to meet the unit's single repair and maintenance without affecting the operation of other units, which greatly meets the unit's maintenance and practicability.
● The hot air of the cooling system is discharged upward in a unified way to avoid hot air backflow and ensure the normal operation of the cooling system of the unit.
● The cooling system increases the heat dissipation area and heat dissipation under normal heat dissipation conditions, and the cooling effect can better meet the normal operation of the unit under various extreme environmental conditions.

2.3 Adaptability of gas medium


Gas calorific value CV

Total sulfur

Gas source pressure











Gas should be treated to be with no liquid, impurity particles 0.005mm, content no more than 0.03g/m3

Note: Gas Volume under:101.13kPa.20℃ for standard.

● Applicable gas source calorific value range: 20MJ/Nm3-45MJ/Nm3 ;
● Applicable gas source pressure range: low pressure (3-15kpa), medium pressure (200-450kpa), high pressure (450-700kpa);
● Suitable gas source temperature range: - 30 ~ 50 ℃;
● Design and calibrate the optimal system scheme and control strategy according to the customer's gas conditions to obtain the optimal gas source economy and equipment stability.


3. Product models

Performance parameter
Gas pressure Can adapt to the range of 3KPa ~ 20MPa
Calorific value of gas Can adapt to 26 ~ 50MJ / Nm3 gas
Gas consumption 65Nm3/h
Generating capacity 10.286MJ/Nm3
Oil consumption <0.3g/kW·h
Oil capacity 38L
Coolant capacity 90L
Power generation parameters
Rated power 250kW
Rated voltage 400V
Rated current 451A
Generation efficiency 33.5%
Machine parameters
Overall dimension 4200×1500×2450mm
Transportation size 4200×1500×2450mm
Net weight of unit 3400kgs
Noise @ 7M ≤85dB(A)( Non noise reduction cabin)


4. Unit power system

Introduction to power system

Generator set model


Rated power


Engine model


Generator model

LSA46.3 L10




Leroy Somer

Engine form

Turbocharging, lean combustion

Power factor


Cylinder bore × Stroke mm


Electrical efficiency


Single unit displacement


Generating capacity


Intake form

Turbocharging, forced intercooling

Damping coil 100% Copper
Rated power of engine


Connection mode


Rated speed


Excitation mode


Cooling mode Forced water cooling Phase number

Three phase four wire

Lubrication mode Pressure, splash lubrication Insulation class


OILT Engine-oil-Temperature


Degree of protection




5. AGC series control system

Introduction to control system
Control system model AGC Series Brand Deif, Denmark
Main functions: open control system, touch screen, integrated engine control, detection, protection, alarm and communication.
● The unit control cabinet is a floor cabinet structure with a single control panel. The control cabinet is equipped with controllers, switches, various display instruments, adjustment buttons, unit protection indicator lights, emergency stop buttons, etc. to control and monitor the working conditions of the generator unit.
● The unit can realize one key control, automatic adjustment of air-fuel ratio, automatic control of power factor, automatic loading and unloading, etc.
● Engine detection: intake pressure, engine water temperature, engine oil temperature, battery voltage, unit speed, voltage, current, transient power, etc. Automatic paralleling and power distribution. It has the functions of island operation and grid connection.
● Overload protection, overcurrent, short circuit, Underfrequency, over frequency, undervoltage, overvoltage, overspeed and other complete engine protection, and send out alarm signals.
●The unit has the functions of manual emergency stop and automatic emergency stop in case of accident.
● Configure can communication interface
System characteristics
With the characteristics of high reliability, stability, high cost performance, compact appearance, multi-range and integration of all functions, the unit can be used to operate in the optimal fuel load state, reduce the operation cost and reduce harmful emissions;

6. Product configuration



Single machine base


Engine control unit

Starting motor

Charging motor

Electronic debugging control

AVR voltage regulator

Power factor controller

Class H insulation protection

AREP additional winding

Sheet metal base

Anticorrosion process

Shock absorber

Steel shell structure

Reinforcement framework

Control cabinet

Fuel delivery system

Lubrication system

Air suction system

Inlet controller

Brand circuit breaker

Brand disconnector

Electrical switch cabinet

Gas pressure regulating and stabilizing valve group

Air / gas mixer

Gas shut-off valve

Oil filter

Oil pressure sensor

Air filter

Atmospheric environment sensor

Suction pressure and temperature sensor

Exhaust system

Cooling system

Standard voltage range

Attached accessories and documents

Damping corrugated joint

Exhaust muffler

Cylinder liner water cooling system

Intercooling engine room cooling system




Gas inlet flange gasket

Oil, coolant filling pump

Unit parallel shielded wire

Special tools

Generator set operation manual

Electrical drawings

7. Optional configuration




Exhaust system

Cooling water heater

Moisture proof and anti-corrosion treatment

600V motor

Noise reduction module

Secondary muffler

Three way catalytic conversion system

Exhaust gas utilization

Fuel delivery system



Flue gas header

External heat conduction oil furnace

Steam boiler

Domestic hot water heating system

Gas filter

Flame arrester

Oil water separator

Remote station control system

Mobile cloud system



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