1. What information should provide for the natural gas treatment skid?

1. Detailed gas composition: mol %
2. Flow: Nm3/d
3. Inlet pressure: Psi or MPa
4. Inlet temperature: °C
5. Site and weather conditions, such as meteorological conditions (mainly environmental temperature, whether it is near the sea), power supply voltage, whether there is instrument air, cooling water (according to the actual process needs),
6. Design and manufacture code and standards.

2. How long is the production cycle?

It depends on different products, normally 2 to 4 months.

3.What services can you provide?

We can not only manufacture all kinds of devices according to your drawings, but also can provide detailed solution according to your specific requirements.

4. How about the after-sale service?

We provide accessories and operation manual, and guide customers to install and commission on site. If there are any problems in the use process, we will give video guidance and deal with them when necessary.

5. What is your product range?

We specialize in the design, R&D, manufacturing, installation, and operation service of various types of oil and gas field ground wellhead treatment, natural gas purification, crude oil treatment, light hydrocarbon recovery and natural gas liquefaction complete sets of equipment,natural gas generator.

The main products are:

Wellhead treatment equipment

Natural gas conditioning equipment

Light hydrocarbon recovery unit

LNG Plant

Crude oil treatment equipment

Gas compressor

Natural gas generator