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  • Tarim Oilfield natural gas ethane recovery project

    On August 16, the natural gas ethane recovery project of Tarim Oilfield, a key project of PetroChina, was successfully completed and put into operation, and qualified ethane products were produced. It is reported that the project is the first ethane recovery project successfully put into operatio...
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  • Associated gas knowledge

    Associated gas knowledge

    Associated gas usually refers to natural gas symbiotic with oil. According to the oil generation theory of organic hydrocarbon generation, when the organic matter evolves to the mature stage, liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons are generated at the same time. Some also contain non hydrocarbon gases s...
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  • Dos and don’ts about ges generator

    Dos and don’ts about ges generator

    1, Gas generator room should be far away from open fire area; 2, Gas generator room should be spacious and bright, and ventilation fan should be installed to ensure good ventilation; 3, During the installation of gas generator set, the chassis and foundation shall be leveled with flat pad iron. T...
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  • Glycol dehydration processes

    Glycol dehydration processes

    Rongteng glycol dehydration processes remove water vapor from natural gas, a natural gas treatment equipment, which helps prevent hydrate formation and corrosion and maximizes pipeline efficiency. Rongteng engineers fabricate and install complete dehydration systems, including custom and standard...
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  • Sand removal from natural gas

    Sand removal from natural gas

    Natural gas is a kind of important combustible clean energy contained in the formation. During the natural gas exploitation, the raw gas directly produced from the gas well often contains a small amount of sand particles. If these sand particles are not removed, it will seriously affect the servi...
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  • Gathering and transportation of oilfield gas

    Gathering and transportation of oilfield gas

    Oil field gas (i.e. crude oil associated gas) gathering and transportation system engineering generally includes: gas gathering, gas processing; Transportation of dry gas and light hydrocarbon; Sealed transportation of crude oil, stability of crude oil, storage of light hydrocarbon, etc. Oil fiel...
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  • Composition of natural gas

    Composition of natural gas

    Crude oil and natural gas are collectively referred to as oil. Crude oil is only a relatively heavy hydrocarbon component formed naturally in liquid form, while natural gas is a relatively light hydrocarbon component existing in gaseous form. The natural gas from gas well is called gas well gas, ...
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  • Recovery method of light hydrocarbon

    Recovery method of light hydrocarbon

    The main recovery methods are adsorption, oil absorption and condensation separation. The principle of adsorption method is similar to that of molecular sieve double tower adsorption dehydration process; Oil absorption method is a method to separate different hydrocarbon gases based on the differ...
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  • What is Light hydrocarbon?

    What is Light hydrocarbon?

    Light hydrocarbon is also called natural gas condensate (NGL), covering C2~C6+, and containing condensate oil component (C3-C5). Light hydrocarbon recovery refers to the process of liquid recovery of heavier components in natural gas than methane or ethane. On the one hand, it aims to control the...
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  • Current situation of LNG Development in China

    Current situation of LNG Development in China

    The development of China’s natural gas trade not only reflects the changes in the world natural gas market pattern, but also injects new vitality into the world natural gas market. In 2011, China’s natural gas production exceeded 100 billion cubic meters for the first time, reaching 1...
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  • Development Suggestions of LNG

    Development Suggestions of LNG

    1.Looking for natural gas source With the continuous improvement of our national living standards, the demand for natural gas in China has become more and more urgent, but the source of natural gas in China has not been clear. At present, the main countries developing gas fields in the world are ...
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  • Introduction of LNG

    Introduction of LNG

    LNG is widely used in advanced countries of environmental protection in the world. In addition to being used as fuel for power plants, factories and household users, the methane contained in it can be used as chemical raw materials such as fertilizer, methanol solvent and synthetic acetic acid; I...
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