1000kva silent gas powered generator unit introuction and process

1000KW gas generator-1

The 1000kW silent gas generator unit is a 10.6m long skid mounted cabinet structure. The unit is powered by four 250KW single units in parallel. The engine adopts Sinotruk T12 engine as the power source to drive the French brand Leroy Somer generator for power supply.

The cabinet is divided into unit compartment, heat dissipation compartment and control compartment. The independent compartment ensures the continuous and stable operation of the equipment in low or high temperature environment; The air-to-air intercooler is adopted, and the intercooler is placed independently on the top of the cabinet to cool the inlet temperature of the engine room and the unit; The control room is located in the middle of the cabinet, the cable outlet is located below the middle or bottom of the cabinet, the cylinder liner water radiator is arranged at both ends of the cabinet cooling cabin, the front end of the cooling cabin is equipped with fuel inlet, the exhaust port is summarized at one side of the unit, and the noise reduction wind guide cover is installed on the top of the cooling cabin, which can control the noise of the unit by 7m ≤ 75db (A).
Special natural gas engine: T12 series engine is adopted, which belongs to high-speed / high-efficiency engine. The electronically controlled lean combustion technology can well meet the requirements of engine economy, power and emission. The cooling mode adopts electronic fan closed circulating water cooling. The unit cooling system is independent of the engine room air inlet system. The temperature in the engine room is controlled by intercooling joint control, and the air inlet in the engine room is effectively filtered by built-in dust filter.

Gas engine control system: The fuel gas closed-loop lean combustion control system imported from ECI of the United States is adopted, including single cylinder independent ignition system, electronic speed regulation system, fuel closed-loop control system, environment adaptive system and automatic diagnosis and protection system, so as to ensure the accurate and reliable control of the engine under all working conditions. The annual output of gas engine control system is 100000 units, and the reliability, stability and safety of the system are more guaranteed.
Customized generator of international high-end brand: lsa46 series brushless AC synchronous generator with high stability moving parts is adopted, and the load impact resistance and anti-interference performance of the generator are improved to ensure the reliability of long-term operation of the equipment.

Efficient and stable heat dissipation system: The cylinder liner water and intercooler adopt independent cooling mode. The independent cylinder liner water cooling mode enables the engine to operate continuously and efficiently. The intercooling heat dissipation system is installed on the top in the middle to fully dissipate the heat of the engine and gas mixture and improve the efficiency of the engine.

Post time: Jul-03-2022