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TEG dehydration is a widely used method to remove water from natural gas (2)


     One of the main advantages of TEG dehydration is its high efficiency in removing water from natural gas.  TEG has a strong affinity for water, allowing it to effectively absorb water vapor from the air stream.  The dry natural gas product thus obtained meets the specifications required for further processing and use.

     In addition to efficiency, TEG dehydration is a cost-effective method of removing water from natural gas.  TEG can be regenerated and reused multiple times, reducing the need for frequent replacement and disposal of dehydrating agents.  This not only reduces operating costs but also minimizes the environmental impact of the dewatering process.

This device mainly includes the following parts:

( 1 ) Feed gas filter separator                                   1 set

( 2 ) TEG absorption tower                            1 set

( 3 ) Gas -lean TEG heat exchanger                 1 set

( 4 ) Lean liquid air cooler                             1 set

( 5 ) Product gas separator                                    1 set

( 6 ) TEG circulation pumps                            2 set 

( 7 ) TEG rich liquid flash tank                          1 set

( 8 ) Fuel gas buffer tank                               1 set

( 9 ) TEG rich liquid mechanical filter                     2 set

( 10 ) TEG rich liquid activated carbon filter               1 set

( 11 ) Rich-poor liquid glycol heat exchanger              1 set

( 12 ) TEG regeneration tower combination equipment     1set

( 13 ) Exhaust gas air cooler                            1 set

( 14 ) Exhaust gas separator                            1 set

( 15 ) TEG refill tank                                    1 set

( 16 ) TEG submerged replenishment pump               1 set

( 17 ) Flare tower                                      1 set

( 18 ) Exhaust gas burning furnace                       1 set

( 19 ) Elevated flare tower                              1 set

     TEG dehydration plays a vital role in natural gas purification, ensuring that natural gas meets the quality standards required for transportation and use.  TEG dehydration helps prevent corrosion and hydrate formation in pipelines and processing equipment by removing water vapor from natural gas streams, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation and utilization of natural gas.


 In short, TEG dehydration is an efficient and effective method for removing water from natural gas.  Its ability to absorb water vapor and cost-effective regeneration process make it a popular choice for natural gas processing.  TEG dehydration plays a vital role natural gas processing, helping to ensure the quality and integrity of natural gas as an energy source.


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