Silent gas powered generator set from 150kw to 64MW

Short Description:

● Fuel gas: natural gas, biogas, biomass gas
● Clean energy and friendly to the environment
● Low procurement and running costs;
● Easy maintenance and easy access to spares
● Fast maintenance and overhaul service
● Different options to meet your requirements:
1. Soundproof system
2. Heat recovery

Product Detail

1. Product introduction

Sichuan Rongteng automation equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in the R&D, design and production of natural gas generator. The power of single unit is 250KW, and the combined power can realize 500KW ~ 16MW.

Rongteng’s Gas generator set is widely used in LNG skid mounted liquefaction plant, rig gasification, single power generation (well gas recovery), gas power station and other projects.


LNG liquefaction plant
● CNG filling station
● Oil and gas field drilling
● Mine exploitation
● Power generation for industry park and residential areas01xiang

2. Function introduction

2.1 Unit features

● The gas generator set is suitable for operation in a range of multiple environmental conditions, and its economic performance is better than that of the existing diesel engine; The unit can quickly respond to load changes and deal with more complex conditions.
● The gas generator unit adopts the integrated partition box design, the box can meet the operation of multiple environmental conditions, and has the functions of rain proof, sand dust proof, mosquito proof, noise reduction, etc. The box body is designed and produced with special structure and materials of high strength container.
● The shape of gas generator box meets the national transportation standard.

2.2 Unit composition and partition


2.3 Unit cooling

● The cooling system of the gas generator set adopts the fully independent heat dissipation design, that is, the single intercooling heat dissipation system and the cylinder liner heat dissipation system operate independently, so as to meet the unit's single repair and maintenance without affecting the
● operation of other units, which greatly meets the unit's maintenance and practicability.
● The hot air of the cooling system is discharged upward in a unified way to avoid hot air backflow and ensure the normal operation of the cooling system of the unit.
● The cooling system increases the heat dissipation area and heat dissipation under normal heat dissipation conditions, and the cooling effect can better meet the normal operation of the unit under various extreme environmental conditions.

2.4 Power generation efficiency

(Take 250KW as an example for the following data)  

● The full load gas consumption of the generator set is 70-80nm³/h
● The power of generating set is 250kw/h
● 1kW/h=3.6MJ
● 1Nm³/H natural gas calorific value 36MJ
● 31.25% ≤Power generation efficiency ≤35.71%
● 1Nm³ The natural gas power generation is 3.1-3.5kw/h

2.5 Adaptability of gas medium

Items Gas calorific value CV

Total Sulphur

Gas Source Pressure
Specification ≥32MJ/m3 ≤350mg/m3 ≥3kPa
Items CH4 H2S  
Specification ≥76% ≤20mg/m3  
Gas should be treated to be with no liquid, impurity particles 0.005mm, content no more than 0.03g/m3
Note: Gas Volume under:101.13kPa.20℃ for standard.
● Applicable gas source calorific value range: 20MJ/Nm3-45MJ/Nm3 ;
● Applicable gas source pressure range: low pressure (3-15kpa), medium pressure (200-450kpa), high pressure (450-700kpa);
● Suitable gas source temperature range: - 30 ~ 50 ℃;
● Design and calibrate the optimal system scheme and control strategy according to the customer's gas conditions to obtain the optimal gas source economy and equipment stability.


3. Product models

Geneset Model Fuel type Natural gas Natural gas Natural gas Natural gas Natural gas
Geneset Model RTF250C-41N RTF300C-41N RTF500C-42N RTF750C-43N RTF1000C-44N
Rated power kw 250 300 500 750 1000
kVA 312.5 375 625 937.5 1250
Reserve power kw 275 330 550 825 1100
kVA 343.75 412.5 687.5 1031.25 1375
Gas consumption 3.2NkW/Nm³ 3.5NkW/Nm³ 3.2NkW/Nm³ 3.2NkW/Nm³ 3.2NkW/Nm³
Engine Engine Model 1-T12 MANE 2676 2-T12 3-T12 4-T12
Number of cylinders * engineering * stroke (mm) 6-126X155 6-126X166 6-126X155 6-126X155 6-126X155
Engine displacement (L) 11.596 12.42 2*11.596 3*11.596 4*11.596
Starting Method 24VDC Electric Start
Intake Method Booster intercooler
Fuel Control  Lean burn, closed loop control
Ignition Control Electronic control single cylinder independent high energy ignition
Speed control Electronic speed regulation
Rated Speed 1500 or 1800
Cooling Method Closed-Loop water cooling
Generator Rated Voltage (V) 230/400 230/400 230/400 230/400 230/400
Rated Current (A) 451 541.2 902 1353 1804
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50 or 60 50 or 60 50 or 60 50 or 60 50 or 60
Supply Connection 3 Phases 4  Lines
Rated Power Factor 0.8(Delay) 0.8(Delay) 0.8(Delay) 0.8(Delay) 0.8(Delay)
Dimension Net weight (kg) 3200 3600 9800 15200 18600
(L*W*H) mm 4200X1500X2450 4200X1500X2450 6400X3000X3000 10600X3000X3000 10600X3000X3000



4. Heat recovery

A. Heat recovery of exhaust

The exhaust temperature of our engine is 400 ~ 550 ℃. In the project, it is commonly used in heat supply heat sources such as heat transfer oil furnace, steam boiler and domestic water.



B. Heat recovery of cylinder liner water

The residual heat of cylinder liner water is large. The waste heat recovery not only realizes the cascade utilization of energy in the cogeneration system, but also improves the comprehensive efficiency and economy of the system


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