Desand skid for sand removal system

Short Description:

The Natural gas wellhead sand separator skid is commonly used in natural gas wellhead and test production well field of onshore condensate field. Offshore condensate field platform gas wellhead.

Product Detail


The filter separator skid, also called gas-liquid-solid separator skid, is applied to the removal of solid and liquid from the gas. The filter separator has two segments structure. The first segment with a “filter – coalescence” function of the filter, at first, filters solid impurity and condensed liquid droplets. The coalesced droplets are carried by the gas to the second stage of the vessel and separated by the separation baffle of the second stage.

The separated liquid is stored in the collecting bag. One side of the device USES a quick-opening blind plate or blind flange that opens and closes when the filter element is replaced. Fast opening blind plate can be used to quickly open and close, saving the time of replacing filter element; Using blind flange can reduce the cost and save the cost.

The filter separator uses the international advanced filter element with the function of “filter-coalescence” to ensure the working performance of the equipment.

There are many kinds of filter material, such as ultrafine glass fiber, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, etc. Choose different filter elements according to different requirements.


1.High efficiency and high precision to remove gas and solid and liquid impurities, protect downstream equipment.
2.Two-part structure, efficient fluid removal equipment to ensure the remover.
3. Unique seal design, to ensure the sealing performance and stiffness of filter.
4. Accurate pressure drop computation, effectively reduce the energy loss.
5.Meticulous detail design, to enhance the operation and maintenance convenience.
6. High efficiency, high precision and large quantity.

Technical parameters

1 Manufacturing standards GB150 and ASME VIII – 1
2 Container material carbon steel, stainless steel
3 Filter material superfine glass fiber, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, etc
4 Vessel diameter (common)  below 1200 mm
5 Filtration precision: 1, 5, 10 microns
6 Filtration efficiency:  99.98% of solid, liquid 99.5%
7 Type vertical or horizontal
除砂橇 1

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