Dos and don’ts about ges generator

1, Gas generator room should be far away from open fire area;

2, Gas generator room should be spacious and bright, and ventilation fan should be installed to ensure good ventilation;

3, During the installation of gas generator set, the chassis and foundation shall be leveled with flat pad iron. The contact area should be more than 60% and evenly distributed;

4, Explosion proof measures shall be adopted for indoor installation of lighting, switches, circuits and electrical appliances, and they shall be firmly fixed;

5, The gas generator room shall meet the fire-fighting requirements and be equipped with fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment;

6,The combustible gas alarm device is installed in the gas generator room to detect the leakage of combustible gas in time;

7, The inner diameter of the external main pipe of the gas pipeline of a single gas engine below 60kW shall not be less than 2 inches, and the inner diameter of the part close to the engine shall not be less than 1 inch. For gas-fired generating units above 60kW, they are 3 “and 2″ respectively. The gas valve (stainless steel ball valve), drain valve and anti-backfire device must be installed. The welding slag (with high pressure air) should be cleaned after the gas pipeline welding;

8, The gas must be desulfurized, dehydrated and dedusted, with flow rate ≤ 0.25nM and hydrogen ≤ 10%.


Post time: Jul-14-2021