PSA decarbonization skid for natural gas purification

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Natural gas decarburization (decarbonization) skid, is a key device in natural gas purifying or treatment.

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Natural gas decarburization (decarbonization) skid, is a key device in natural gas purifying or treatment.

The content of carbon dioxide in natural gas quality standard should not be more than 3%. And carbon dioxide in the water after the steel has a very strong corrosive. If the PH value is the same, the acidity ratio of carbon dioxide is also higher, so the corrosion degree of carbon dioxide on steel is also higher.

Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) is a new technology used to separate gas mixture in adsorption separation technology. Compared with the traditional chemical absorption method, PSA technology is economically attractive for the removal and recovery of H2S and CO2 from natural gas, and is being vigorously developed.

PSA gas separation technology has the advantages of simple operation, low pressure loss, dehydration while removing CO2, low dew point of purified gas and water, and the products can meet the requirements of gas export. PSA can be used for CO2 concentration and selective desulfurization in natural gas.

Flow chart

Adsorption was carried out under pressure and desorption was carried out under reduced pressure. Because the adsorption cycle is short and the adsorption heat can not be dissipated in time, it can be used for desorption. Therefore, the temperature of the adsorption bed caused by the adsorption heat and desorption heat has little change, which can be regarded as an isothermal process. Single fixed adsorption bed operation, whether it is temperature swing adsorption or pressure swing adsorption, because the adsorbent needs to be regenerated, the adsorption is intermittent. In industry, two or more adsorption beds are used, so that the adsorption and regeneration of the adsorption bed are carried out alternately (or in turn cycle), to ensure the continuity of the whole adsorption process.

Functional features

The efficiency of pressure swing adsorption decarbonization skid is 90%.CO2 can be separated by pressure change and physical adsorption, without chemical reaction. In addition to CO2 removal, PSA technology is widely used in the recovery and purification of H2, CH4, CO, CO2 and other gases.


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