Oil Gas Water Three Phase Separator

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Oil gas water three phase separator is a device for separating oil, gas and water in formation fluid on the surface and accurately measuring its production. Divided into vertical, horizontal, spherical three forms. For the convenience of transportation, horizontal separator is usually used for production measurement. The internal structure of typical horizontal three-phase separator mainly includes: inlet diverter, defoamer, coalescer, vortex eliminator, demister, etc.


When the local layer fluid enters the three-phase separator, it first meets the inlet diverter to preliminarily separate the liquid and gas. The gas with a large number of droplets is further separated by the coalescing plate, and then further purified by the defoamer and demister to make it dry gas and discharged from the outlet. A gas control valve is arranged on the exhaust pipeline to control the gas discharge quantity, so as to maintain the required pressure in the container. Under the action of gravity, due to the difference of oil-water density, the free water sinks to the bottom of the container, the oil floats to the top, and crosses the oil-water baffle to enter the oil chamber. The float type liquid level regulator controls the discharge of crude oil by operating the oil drain valve, so as to maintain the stability of the oil level. The separated free water is discharged through the drain valve operated by the oil-water interface regulator to maintain the stability of the oil-water interface.


The pressure difference of separated gas is formed by Daniel orifice throttling device installed on the separator. The static pressure, temperature and pressure difference are continuously recorded by Barton recorder, and the gas output is calculated manually or by flowmeter. The output of separated oil and water is measured by the liquid flow meter installed on the separator.

Stable separator pressure, oil level and oil-water interface are the premise of oil, gas and water three-phase separation and metering.

The three-phase separator is the basis and core of the oil gas water three-phase separation metering system for oil testing. The separation and metering of formation fluid are mostly realized by operating the separator.


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