Gas Generator Unit

Short Description:

We are specialized in the R&D and production of gas generator set for multi power section and multi industry applications. The power of single unit ranges from 250KW to 1500kW, and the power generation of 1.5MW to 8 MW and above can be realized. Any combination of parallel modes can meet different power generation requirements.

Product Detail

Function introduction

The gas generator set or gas generator unit is suitable for operation in a range of multiple environmental conditions, and its economic performance is better than that of the existing diesel engine; The unit can quickly respond to load changes and deal with more complex conditions.

The gas generator unit adopts the integrated partition box design, the box can meet the operation of multiple environmental conditions, and has the functions of rain proof, sand dust proof, mosquito proof, noise reduction, etc. The box body is designed and produced with special structure and materials of high strength container.

The shape of gas generator box meets the national transportation standard.

02 Unit composition and partition Gas Generator Unit

 Unit cooling

Gas Generator Unit

Adaptability of gas medium


calorific value


Total Sulphur

Gas Source Pressure











Gas should be treated to be with no liquid, impurity particles ≤0.005mm,content no more than 0.03g/m3

Note: Gas Volume under:101.13kPa.20℃ for standard.

Station LAN monitoring system

The system has the functions of real-time monitoring unit operation, automatic data recording and report generation, automatic maintenance cycle reminder, remote start-up and shutdown, etc;

Gas Generator Unit

Remote monitoring system

Gas Generator Unit


Through 4G, WiFi, network cable and other network communication protocols, the gas generator set is connected to the Internet and gas generator unit logged in to the cloud server.

Abundant option for the requirements

Gas Generator Unit

The expansibility function (optional) of the unit applied in different environments;

Lower operating noise;

Standard state of the unit: the operating noise is 85dba / 7m;

After the low noise expansion module is installed, the operation noise can be reduced to 75dBA / 7m;

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